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Cattle For Sale

Buckhorn Ranch maintains a herd of 300 black commercial cows and uses only high quality Angus Bulls.  Our cows migrate up and down the mountain with the seasons and are handled as naturally as possible, never leaving the ranch.  Cattle For SaleThe cowherd has been built from within over several years of careful selection from a group of Angus cows purchased in 2004.  Our aim is to raise medium framed, deep bodied animals that gain and maintain flesh easily on only the forage available.  Great attention has been given to maternal traits in our herd as we seek to raise fertile, easy calving females with soundness, longevity, and temperament.  Heifers are expected to calve without assistance, milk generously, and be gentle enough to handle on foot.  All our herd bulls are selected for fleshing ability, calving ease, depth of body, healthy scrotal measurement, and low PAP scores. Steer calves are usually weaned Nov. 1, averaging 650 lbs. and are sold as feeders in the fall, while heifer calves are evaluated and sorted for replacement heifers.  Our goal is to supply ourselves and other producers with the highest quality Angus replacements for their cow herds. We believe the cattle industry is moving away from the 1600# hay burners toward a moderate framed efficient cow that will wean over 50% of her body weight with little or no help. Our goal is to produce females that will operate on a sustainable basis through thick or thin.


For Sale: Grass-finished Angus Beef

All natural grass fattened Angus beef. These are not some cowboy's left over roping steers from the sale barn - this is top quality Angus beef, born and raised at Buckhorn Mountain Ranch, fattened on grass from start to finish. We don't use steroids and we don't feed antibiotics.

These sell based on live weight for 1.50/lb. (The finished product will cost about $5.50 per pound including processing.). Average weight is 1100#. You pay processing and have it cut to your specs. Order by the half or whole. Butchering will be scheduled upon receipt of 50% down payment. We still have a few left but call soon if you're interested.

"Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that your beef is delicious!  I talked to Debbie the other day and she said the same thing.  She had a rib steak and we had ground beef a few times already.  They are so flavorful. Thank you again." May 3, 2017

For more information, call Robert at 970-258-8704.



SOLD 2016 Heifer Calves

We have 30-40 head of our fancy 2016 high altitude heifer calves for sale. They were calved between mid February and mid April. They have been calfhood bangs vaccinated and they will be ready to breed in May. We are currently wintering them out on pasture. We will start feeding them hay as the grazing getst short and the snow gets deeper.

We expect our heifers to breed without any additional supplement. They weigh 700 lbs. by spring and should mature at 1100-1200 lbs. We breed our replacements to calving ease bulls and calve them on pasture with no extra help. Will be ready for delivery in April.

Click here to see video.

For more information, call Robert at (970)258-8704.


2016 High Altitude, Grass Developed, Low Birth Weight Angus Bulls

Easy fleshing, low birth weight, moderate frame, grass developed, high altitude purebred Angus yearling bulls. Sired by PCC BA Cinch and PCC Ranger, 5 star calving ease bulls with low birth weights. We use these bulls on our own heifers, and keep them for the cow herd. Grass developed bulls will be more fertile, breed more heifers, and stay in better shape. PAP tested, semen tested, Trich tested. Average birth weight for this group was 73#. These bulls are from registered stock but are not papered. Come take a look, also see the sire and full brothers that are working in our herd. Volume discount available.

Click to see October weaning Video

Reference Herd Sire: PCC BA Cinch - 2012 son of PCC TQ Scince. 65# BW, -1.3 BW EPD. Cinch is a real stud and we have not tested his limits yet. This year we put him out with 50 head of our best cows. They stayed in the valley for 30 days, then escaped to a 1300 acre mountain pasture for the rest of the summer. He kept them bunched for the next 30 days then came home, fat as a tick. We were worried, so we hauled him back to the cows. He was home again the next day. At preg check, every last cow was bred on time! Cinch is also our low maintenance champ. Here he is December 26th, 2016, still fat and happy, grazing in the snow, with no additional supplement.


Reference Herd sire: PCC Ranger - 2013 son of PCC Open Range, $9,800 gain champ at 111% compared to his peers in a forage test. This bull has a 56# BW, is masculine, thick and well muscled. He is medium to small framed, mature weight about 1500 #. His offspring are vigorous at birth, square built, and low maintenance.


2014 Sons of Cinch used in our cow herd. Conception rates and average calving date have both improved


2016 offspring of Cinch and Ranger - Average BW is 73#, WW is 633#, YW is 800#. These bulls were born from Feb. 20 - April 20. They are PAP tested, semen and Trich tested and ready to go.. They are purebred Angus, mostly from first calf heifers by PCC Ranger.



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