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Horses For Sale

Most of the cattle work at the ranch is done horseback, so we try to maintain a herd of quality AQHA ranch horses.  This requires a constant flow of quality ranch prospects, as well as continual training of the young horses.  We’re all Arron Ralston fans, attending local clinics when available and constantly working to improve our training methods.  Our goal is to produce horses that anyone can ride, yet have the strength, stamina, and cow sense to do a full day’s work.  As a result of the continuing process, we usually have something around that’s for sale.


FOR SALE: AQHA Wimpys Bay Watch is a 2015 weanling bay filly. She is out of a daughter of Zans Parity and sired by Dun Being Wimpy. She has great confirmation and has been handled a lot. $3,500


SOLD: Quatro Zans Buster is a 17 year old, 16 hand ranch versatility horse that is high energy and beautifully buillt. He is a cow-eater and always impresses at the local 4-H show.


SOLD: AQHA Majors Diamond Peppy is a 5 year old dark buckskin gelding. He has been ridden since 3 on the mountain, packing and some roping. He is a grandson of Zans Parity out of Zans Major Money. He is in-your-pocket gentle and should make a good "anybody" horse. $4,500


FOR SALE: Team of black Foxtrotter mares broke to drive. They are 10 and 11 years old. These have also been ridden with a saddle, but not much. Used to pull a hay rack and a buggy. $4,500


SOLD! AQHA TK Double Doc is a 7 year old, 14.5 hand bay gelding. We bought Doc as a green horse and have ridden him on the ranch for three and a half years. He broke easy and showed signs of being a gentle horse. My 9 year old rode him refularly after a only month of training. He is cowy as they come, has done about everything from pasture roping, sorting, roping and dragging calves, packing elk, and gathering and pushing cows on the mountain. Doc has hard, black hooves and has always gone barefoot without incident. $3,500. SOLD!


SOLD! AQHA Bad Lady Jane is a 1998 Doc Olena bred mare.  She served as both of the boy’s 4-H horse through their first years.  She shoes, loads, clips, bathes, and does anything there is to do with cows or on the trail.  She has been there, done that, and done it well.  Asking $3500. SOLD!

Horse For Sale Bad Lady Jane

SOLD! AQHA Bagwell’s Speedy Sun 4 yr. old 15.2 hand sorrel gelding.  We bought Speedy at two and started him as a three year old.  He’s done everything there is to do on the ranch at least once.  Really steps out on the mountain, will chase a cow or hold a rope.  He is a spirited horse and for an experienced rider only.  $2500 OBO. SOLD!

SOLD! AQHA Kitsbuel “Kit” is a bay, 14h four year old gelding we started as a three yr. old.   A grandson of Radar (Zans Parity) he was easy to train and smart.  He will go anywhere you ask him and give 110%.  He has done about everything there is to do on the ranch, including pasture roping and packing.  $3500 OBO SOLD!

Horse For Sale - Kit

SOLD! AQHA Ladies April Colonel is an 8 yr. old bay gelding, of Colonel Freckles fame, and is a combination of flash and fire.  If you need a horse to go all day and still give you more, Colonel will do it.  He’s got some speed, so you’d better be hangin’ on when you ask him to go.  (We tried him in the roping arena and couldn’t pull the robo-steer fast enough to keep ahead of him.)  He will cut a cow with or without you.  He was the ranch manager’s personal ride for 4 yrs.  This is a spirited horse for an experienced rider only.   $3500 OBO SOLD!

Horse For Sale - April

SOLD! APHA Badger Bar Ace is a 15 year old registered Paint.  He has done about everything there is on the ranch:  pack hunting, hauling elk, 4-H, open gates, trail and sort cattle.  Besides being one of our favorites for ranch work, Badger has been our go to horse for ladies, kids and dudes.  Badger loves to go and steps out nice, but doesn’t do things that scare inexperienced riders.  Badger is an easy keeper:  always in good flesh and can go shod or unshod without maintenance.  $3,500 OBO. SOLD!

Horse For Sale - Ace

SOLD! Buckshot is a grade 11 yr. old Buckskin gelding standing 16+ hands.  He is a big, raw boned horse that will charge up the mountain all day long.  We did about everything there is to do on the ranch, and did it hard.  He led pack strings, roped, sorted cows, and would charge the gates of Hell if you asked him to.  Buckshot is a spirited horse for an experienced rider only.  $2500 OBO SOLD!

Horse For Sale - Buckshot

SOLD! AQHA Madam Savanah is a 4 yr. old filly out of Blue Savanah Holly in NM.  She is absolutely stunning to look at and will make someone a heck of a brood mare.  She is green broke, but not much riding experience.  $3500 OBO SOLD!

Horse For Sale - Savanah

SOLD! AQHA April Heat is a 7 year old 15h buckskin dun mare that raised a tremendous stud colt in 2010.  She is currently open, but is guaranteed a breeder.  She is not broke, but is a stout well bred brood mare.  You’ll be impressed with her papers as her bloodlines go back to Hollywood Dunit and Zan Par Barr.  She has a scarred up fetlock from an incident as a colt, but has always been sound.   $1500 OBO SOLD!

Horse For Sale - April Heat

SOLD! Jack and Jill are 7 and 8 year old gelding and mare, respectively.  They stand 16+ hands and are  Belgium X Quarterhorse cross matching team.  Not for the inexperienced, they are powerful and full of vim and vigor.   Never blew up with us, but they are usually nervous till they settle into the harness.  We used them to pull this buggy and a hay rack. SOLD!

Horse For Sale - Jack and Jill

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